Is Kanye West Running For President In 2024?

His latest CD definitely seems like it’s an appeal to the Evangelical crowd

kanye west president 2024


Kanye West got his rise to stardom by being a drug-using rapper who married a lady that had a sex tape released to the public. By default, that makes him the antithesis of what Evangelist Christian communities like to see. 

His latest album is Christian rap, is named Jesus Is King, and was developed by Kanye with instructions that no one who is involved with it may have premarital sex while it’s being done. Odd, right? It would be strange to see someone flip that hard without any reason. 

Many people are currently under the impression that Kanye West is mentally ill, and that’s not wrong. He is diagnosed as bipolar. Even so, bipolarity doesn’t fully explain what a flip this was. It almost seems like he might be trying to appeal to Evangelical Christians.