Celebrities Caught Being Goofy

Miley Cyrus, Giraffe?

miley cyrus


I suppose it was inevitable that the young Miley Cyrus would grow up and out of her squeaky-clean Hannah Montana image.

Little did we know that in addition to releasing music with a more mature (a.k.a. sexy) sound, Miley would develop a strong affinity to thrusting her tongue out in a similar manner as would a giraffe.

According to Miley, the habit started as a reaction to paparazzi asking her to blow a kiss to the camera. That didn’t feel natural to her, so instead, she irreverently stuck her tongue out to reporters or photographers accosting her in the street or on the red carpet.

Miley’s tongue would soon start to make an appearance on magazine covers, including Rolling Stone, Cosmopolitan and GQ.