Movies So Bad They Wrecked Their Stars’ Careers

Batman and Robin (1997) – Alicia Silverstone



Alicia Silverstone had already had a few acting roles before gaining mainstream recognition in the early 90s as ‘that girl from all the Aerosmith videos.” After starring in three of those, she became a full fledged teen idol for her role in the 1995 comedy Clueless, a huge hit with critics and fans alike. Part of the contract she signed on the heels of that success involved her own production company, and it looked like Silverstone would be a huge force in Hollywood for years to come. These days though, she’s hardly a household name. So what happened? Batman and Robin, that’s what happened. After three other successful Batman films in the 90s, it seemed like a fourth was a safe and highly bankable hit. Instead it became what is frequently considered one of the worst films ever made.

Whether the lack of Tim Burton’s involvement (he produced Batman Forever) or the studio’s attempt to fast track the film, it was a critical bomb, ranking as the lowest grossing Batman film to date, causing the studio to cancel a planned sequel, and becoming the last high profile Hollywood film Silverstone would be a part of. In a movie that was criticized in almost every aspect, her role as Barbara Gordon/ Batgirl was especially derided, earning her the single Razzie the film won, out of eight nominations. Silverstone has worked steadily since then, releasing a couple more movies immediately after that were also poorly received, and doing a ton of work in television and theater. However, the lasting Hollywood fame that seemed to be in her future never did materialize after her turn as Batman and Robin’s third wheel.