Movies So Bad They Wrecked Their Stars’ Careers

Rollerball (2002) – Chris Klein



Much like Alicia Silverstone, Chris Klein had a few roles under his belt that seemed to create a solid foundation for a long career. He was in the well received dark comedy Election and was one of the stars of American Pie and its sequel. It was his portrayal as the handsome nice guy in those films that really got him recognized in Hollywood as a potential future leading man. In 2002, he even landed a serious role in the Mel Gibson Vietnam War drama We Were Soldiers. Unfortunately, that same year, he starred in Rollerball, a remake of a science fiction film from the 70s. 

While the original was never considered a classic, it provided a relevant social commentary and was apparently a masterpiece compared to the 2002 version. With a focus on action, and little else, Rollerball was panned as being an incoherent mess with much of the negativity focused on the editing, the script, and Klein’s acting. More than one critic called him bland in their reviews. Other words and phrases used to describe the movie include, but are not limited to- violent, confusing, choppy, and my favorite, “a checklist shaped by a 15 year old mallrat”. 

The movie is considered not only a flop, but, financially speaking, it is one of the most expensive flops ever. The worldwide box office total was less than $30 million against a $70 million budget. To add insult to injury, it is completely forgettable. Again, like Alicia Silverstone, Klein has continued to work pretty steadily, but his roles are mostly limited to one off characters in television shows or other, equally forgettable films.