Lottery Winners: Where Are They Now

Sandra Hayes

Lottery Winners: Where Are They Now Sandra Hayes


Winnings: $6.5 million 

Ever seen the episode of Friends where they all chip in and buy hundreds of lottery tickets, only to get into a big argument? It didn’t work out for Rachel, Joey, and Ross… but it DID work out for Sandra Hayes!

The former social worker entered a lottery pool with a dozen coworkers and won a $224 million jackpot – with her share totaling to $6.5 million. Not as much as the other winners on this list, but still a good chunk of change!

She quit her job and made a few splurges, including a new house for her daughter and grandchildren, a trip to Hawaii and a new car – but for the most part, has gone back to a frugal lifestyle. Hayes claims that she has a financial advisor that puts her on a fixed monthly income – so she can’t just buy that Chanel purse on a whim, or the check will bounce!