Best Memes of 2019

Me Explaining to My Mom

Me Explaining to My Mom best meme of 2019


We all know that as kids, the things we find important don’t always translate to the adult world. In another example of two completely unrelated photos being combined, this meme perfectly captures that conundrum in regards to a wide variety of subjects. The “me” part of the meme is a twitter user named Quenlin while “Mom” is portrayed by a cast member from Little Women: Atlanta. Together, they are relatable gold. As the “daughter” tries her best to explain life and priorities to the adult, “Mom” looks on in confusion, apathy, or a careful balance of both.

The meme doesn’t always stick to the mother/ daughter relationship (animals, movie characters, and celebrities are popular fodder for the roles portrayed), but the basic point is almost always someone passionately explaining something that the other cares very little about. As with all the best memes, no subject has come across as too sensitive to be ridiculed.