Best Memes of 2019

Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself

Fast forward to 1:15 source


Ever since Jeffrey Epstein’s death in August, rumors and conspiracies have swirled about what really happened. (If you’re unaware of who he is or what happened, I’ll let you Google it. It’s waaaaaay too much to get into here.) However it wasn’t until this month that his death sparked a meme that has absolutely exploded. This meme is a little different in that it didn’t begin in any specific format, instead taking the form of most existing formats and prompting the creation of a few new ones.

All of them follow the formula of the “truth” of Epstein’s death being revealed in some clever way. The phrase “Epstein didn’t kill himself” has appeared in the Woman Yelling at Cat meme, illuminated in the One Ring, pieced together via Disney movie titles, inserted into a list of facts about WD40, and just about anywhere else you could possibly imagine. It has also become somewhat of a catchphrase, being used by people giving interviews shared by political figures, and showing up on the bottom of beer cans. As of this writing, this meme is still going strong and pops up regularly in new formats.

Of course, this is a very incomplete list of memes you’ve seen this year, but probably covers some of the ones you’ve seen the most. A full list and interpretations could fill a book! It goes without saying that memes are not only a part of our society, but an actual influential part of it. With new ones popping up it seems every day, which one will be the next big thing?