Best Memes of 2019

Area 51

Area 51 best meme of 2019


“Storm Area 51” began as a joke Facebook event page but quickly gained steam and seemed primed to turn into an actual incident. In the months between the event’s creation and its proposed date in September, the internet went wild with the idea of getting inside Area 51 and seeing some aliens. Memes were rampant in every format imaginable, playing on the ideas of liberating aliens, and becoming friends with aliens, and coupling with aliens. (Ok, so admittedly most of them had to do with aliens, but isn’t that what Area 51 is most associated with?)

Not all of the popular versions of this meme were about aliens though, with many referencing what might happen outside, before many of the attendees could even reach the gates. The Area 51 memes also have the notable distinction of being the first to attract government attention, prompting a statement from the Air Force and extra security around the base. While the meme has died down in popularity since September, the story of its creation and effect is one that will likely be told for years.