Who is Billie Eilish, and Why Do People Like Her?

She Grew Up As A Dancer 



If you are not from California then you probably want to visit the golden state or one day live there. The LA lifestyle and dream of the rich a famous, mixed with sandy beaches and beautiful people is not reality but is the California dream stereotype. 

Born and raised in the LA region, Billie is from the land that creates stars. She was an avid dancer growing up and at the ripe age of 14, was already becoming known for her unique choreography. After becoming injured, she moved her focus to singing and the rest is history. If she can do it then why can’t I? Is a saying that resonates with many people when they read about how Billie caught the flame of fame. Being a dancer is so widely accepted and becoming a professional dancer is a dream for so many kids today, her background in dance is just another reason why people love her.