Who is Billie Eilish, and Why Do People Like Her?

She is Not Your Average “Popstar” 

billie eilish is not your average popstar


When you think of a popstar, Britney or Madonna may come to mind… Not Billie Eilish. Thinking and living outside of the box is not a scary thought in 2019. Gender, race and sexuality is not a topic of hate or discussion and being different and weird is almost cooler than being a square. 

Being an outsider or hipster or even a dork is not a bad thing today! Billie morphed everything she thought to be intriguing and made it her own. She has broken the mold of the typical popstar and is certainly no Hannah Montana. She is loud, she is bright, she is weird and people are digging it. ‘Express yourself’ is an understatement when referring to her fashion taste and lyrics. She doesn’t hold back and is just the most recent of many musicians to break down stereotypes, she is changing the mold of what society views as a popstar.