Who is Billie Eilish, and Why Do People Like Her?

She Creates “Misery Music” 



Depression is something people have been so embarrassed of in the past, so when you see a young girl embrace it, it may make you reflect on why you are so ashamed about it yourself. Billie is open about her battle with depression and creates music that can be considered a bit sad but also showcases that anyone can make the best out of any kind of mood they are feeling.

She grew up listening to The Beatles, Green Day, Avril Lavigne, and Justin Bieber. Her music taste and inspiration does stem from those iconic bands and this new form of “misery music” she created has been considered to be depressing but her IDGAF lifestyle has made it ok for people to express how they are really feeling. People get anxious and depressed and if they want to connect with other people about it, Billie has created a genre of music that builds that connection point and acceptance that it is ok the feel a little bit miserable.